Goikhberg Cruises to Victory!

May 12, 2019

Goikhberg takes dominating win as sunny skies and cool air setup a blistering pace!  

 The sun really starting to shine at this point and the conditions are fairly agreeable for auto racing. The cars rolled onto the track and the warm up routine began. The drivers working the cars hard trying to rub some heat into their tires.

Coming to the line, it was Dixon getting the jump, Goikhberg followed. Down the back straight, perhaps an error from Dixon, Goikhberg cruised by taking the lead before the bus stop. Jacobsen found himself in third with Gonzalez in fourth and Guibord in fifth.

Lap two, Dixon again appears slow down the back straight. Jacobsen closes, Goikhberg extends his lead. The battle for second fairly tight, not but two car lengths between the two. Gonzalez starting to fall back, then it’s Guibord and Jenks.

Jenks manages to get by Guibord and starts to pressure Gonzalez, it’s not long until Jenks takes the spot. Meanwhile at the front Goikhberg has extended the lead, it’s nearly five seconds with ten laps to go. Dixon now extends a bit of an advantage on Jacobsen, but it’s still under a second between the two.

The pack is now spreading out some, but Jenks continues to stalk. He’s running some six tenths of a second per lap faster than both Jacobsen and Dixon ahead. The spread on the three is under two seconds. Gonzalez remains in fifth, Guibord in sixth, and Dave Weitzenhof in the interim Van Diemen in seventh.

In the next to the last turn Jacobsen makes an error. This is just door that Jenks needed to open, he takes the position. It costs both drivers allowing Dixon to pull ahead by nearly three full seconds. Goikhberg cruising at this point and on a pace nobody can compete with.

With seven laps to go Jenks continues to up his game. He’s running almost a second per lap better than Dixon, the gap is now down just two seconds. Dixon responds one lap later running his best lap of the race, but Jenks continues to close.

Four laps remain, Jenks is still closing on Dixon though Dixon’s pace continues to improve. The gap under two seconds but Jenks isn’t able to make inroads as significantly as before. The field behind growing ever more spaced. Dave Weitzenhof and Paul Farmer haven’t let that discourage them though, they run in seventh and eight just a half a second separates them.

Goikhberg way out front, he’s gotten to within three tenths of a second of the race lap record but he hasn’t managed to crack that nut just yet. Dixon and Jenks follow, both running their best laps of the race. Just two more times to circulate. Farmer now gets the advantage over Weitzenhof, the two having quite the duel.

At the white flag Goikhberg registers his best lap yet, a 1:51.1, he’s knocking on the door of the lap record but nobody is answering. Dixon brings it home second, Jenks third, Jacobsen fourth, and Gonzalez in fifth. Dixon takes the Master’s win, with Jenks Second, and Jacobsen third.


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