FRP Teams and Drivers are Pre-Approved to attend the PRI Trade Show

November 8, 2022

Greetings from PRI,

As an FRP team or driver, you're Pre-Approved to attend the PRI Trade Show on December 8th - 10th in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Register by November 22nd to receive the credential in the mail. The PRI Trade Show and TOPS require a Show Credential and Badge. Registration is open now - REGISTER HERE . PRI Membership/Trade Show registration is $40.

For you and your staff - plan on visiting the TOPS (Track Operators, Promoters and Sanctions) Workroom and Lounge presented by  A full schedule for all three days of workgroups and sessions will be released soon. This space, with comfortable seating, tables, small conference room, and casual atmosphere is for you and your staff to relax, meet and enjoy.

See you at The Show in Indy!

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