From F1600 to World Challenge

March 23, 2015
Colin Thompson

Colin Thompson is on a mission to set himself apart from the competition, and the F1600 Formula F Championship Series helped him do just that. Thompson has two recent victories already under his belt after sweeping the competition at Circuit of the Americas in the GT Cup class in the Pirelli World Challenge.  From his victory at Mid Ohio in F1600 to his jump on the lead for 2015, Thompson is definitely keeping the pace.

 Before the future unfolds, however, Thompson was asked to look back on his season in F1600 and talk about the benefits of the series and how it can affect a driver in not only the short, but the long term as well.

"The F1600 series provided a perfect ground for me to exercise and grow my race craft and strategy while also learning about the mechanics of a racecar. Being as Formula F's do not have much aerodynamics, the driver relies heavily on his feeling in the car and ability to respond to changes to develop proper mechanical grip," said Thompson.

During his season in F1600, Thompson had an amazing race and finish at Mid Ohio, that stands out to himself and fans alike.

"My Mid Ohio race win was one of the most memorable of all wins I have. Five of us were battling from lap one till the end. We all raced clean and it was one of my hardest races yet."

In 2014 Thompson finished champion as he won the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge, after this championship, Thompson kept himself busy in the off season by figuring out what was next for him when 2015 rolled around

"I really was flat out all off-season between getting together proper sponsorship, finding the right team and race series for me, and keeping myself in the highest physical condition possible. I feel I am properly prepared and ready to have a great shot at another championship."

Thompson can now be found in the No. 11 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car as he competes in the Pirelli World Challenge.

Thompson's formula to walk away champion once again requires three key ingredients: "patience, hard work, and not blending in with every other driver."

Looking further into the future, Thompson’s dreams to one day help influence the automotive and motorsports industry on a bigger scale than by just what he does on the track.

"My inspiration is to one day become a factory driver for a manufacturer,” he said. “That would allow what I do on the track to directly affect cars that later go into production - and that is something amazing to think about."

Thompson is definitely one to keep an eye on as he climbs the motorsports ladder.

“The F1600 series is a perfect way for a grassroots driver to springboard himself into professional racing. I owe it in great part to that series for where I am today,” were Thompson’s final words on the series.
Watch the F1600 Formula F championship this season when the cars hit the road at Road Atlanta on April 9-12 for the beginning of the 2015 season.

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