FRP to Offer Digital Photo Packages in 2020

February 20, 2020

Working with their media partner, RTD Media & Management (RTD), Formula Race Promotions (FRP) is pleased to offer promotional material through a digital media package. Working with an elite level photographer, RTD Media & Management will offer team, individual and social media photo packages to all competitors in the 2020 Formula Race Promotions program.

“Bringing a new level of promotion to the series, we are happy to be able to offer these types of services,” explained Bob Wright. “Our goal is to make it easier for teams and drivers to promote themselves. While this can’t be done for free, we have been able to come to an agreement with RTD and their staff photographer to offer discounted photo packages in 2020.”

In a generation where an online presence is vital to a company’s or organization’s success, drivers and teams have the opportunity to present themselves in a professional and striking manner. The fastest growing social platforms are all visual, such as Instagram, because the human eye is drawn to visuals. Using high quality photos across all social platforms helps convey a theme of consistency and professionalism while setting a tone and reputation for a brand.

“When we begin to assist a new client with their social platforms, the top issues we come across include inactive social pages and low-quality images and graphics,” stated Mike Maurini of RTD Media & Management. “If an organization or driver has a mediocre online presence, then the viewer will translate that back to the organization or driver as a whole.”

By purchasing photo packages while at the track, teams and drivers have the opportunity to positively and professionally represent themselves, the series, their sponsors and the entire motorsports community, elevating their image and expanding their following.

Please contact to inquire about your photo packages.

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