F2000 Friday Notebook from PittRace

August 5, 2016



Wampum, PA - News and notes from the paddock at PittRace during the fifth Formula Race Promotions event of the 2016 season.

D'Addario: 'Want to be Competitive'

"We had a solid weekend at Watkins Glen the last time out and we want to build on that run, commented Davy D'Addario, who drives the No. 37 Van Diemen for Magnum Motorsports. "I want to show good pace in qualifying and run with the guys at the front during the race. I want to get the most out myself, the car, and the opportunities to compete this weekend.

"The only other time we've run at Pittsburgh was back in 2007 when it was known as BeaveRun," he continued. "Obviously that was on the old configuration. We had a great weekend in Formula F qualifying and finishing second."

Reid: 'Very Challenging'

R-Sport driver Bob Reid, in the No. 12 Metrik, has called the combination of the new course at Pittsburgh International Race Complex with the classic course a challenge for car setup.

"We have raced here before and the track is unique due to the mix of very old surface and relatively new surface. The contrast with the old bumpy section and the new smooth section also presents a challenge in car set up. I like the newly configured 'long' track, very challenging," said Reid.

"A good weekend for us would be to be in the top 10 in all the sessions and a podium for the Masters Class. It's my wife's birthday this weekend and besides the wonderful gift of spending it at the race track with me, I am looking forward to her performance on the go kart track."

Gonzalez: 'Car Has Improved'

Driving the No. 16 Radon, Peter Gonzalez said he first raced at Pittsburgh in 2005 when the track was known as BeaveRun.

"The F2000 Series is always a good time, the people are the best," said Gonzalez. "A good weekend for me is having a good run, improving lap times from last year and learning something about myself as a driver and the car. Luck has not been on my side recently but the car has improved quite a bit and I feel good about it. When you feel good about a car your confidence level soars."

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