F2000 Drivers Preview Mid-Ohio Weekend

June 30, 2016


Lexington, OH - A full preview of the weekend, talking to select drivers that make up the grid of the F2000 Championship Series.

Steve Jenks, No. 68 Entry:

“I was always fast in my Formula Mazda at Mid-Ohio but have never been as good in the F2000 car which has been frustrating,” Jenks noted. “So, this weekend is all about finding some speed, particularly in the fast corners, so we can mix it up with the front pack.

“I moved to Tumenas Motorsports and we made a bunch of upgrades to the car over the winter.   We were quite a bit quicker at Road Atlanta and Watkins Glen than past years. Unfortunately we had major incidents both weekends. So, I'm targeting a less dramatic weekend for Mid-Ohio where we can realize full potential of the car.”

John McCusker, No. 01 Entry:

“After Watkins Glen, I am very confident with the car and the team’s effort,” said CcCusker. “Last year at Mid-Ohio my pace was very good, had my motor not let go there may have been some notable results. If everything goes according to plan we should be right at the front of the pack.

 “One of the challenges this weekend will be keeping up with Citations and Mid-Ohio veteran John Larue, however I will not be the only one racing at the Dotworks camp this weekend and teamwork will up the anti,” McCusker continued. “I am excited to be racing with my brother; it will be nice to have the team in full effect once again. Racing and qualifying will be a group effort, and the entries seem to have risen for this weekend making it more exciting.”

Tim Paul, No. 06 Entry:

“Well, I expect to be in the podium spots for every session,” said Tim Paul, driving the No. 06 Van Diemen under the Screaming Monkey Racing brand with support from CellMark Paper. “Momentum has given us a great car; it’s as strong as it possibly could be. We’ve rebuilt it and fixed many of the problems it had developed over time. Things wear out, and sometimes you can’t find them until you do a complete tear down and rebuild and that is exactly what Momentum did.”

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