F1600/F2000 Year In Review Photobooks

November 28, 2011

The perfect Christmas gift, a thank you for your sponsor, or simply a memento from the 2011 racing season, the 2011 Year In Review Photobook will look fantastic on your shelf or your coffee table.

The book, printed by Apple's printing press, is of the highest quality. Photos are printed in stunning 300dpi on professional glossy paper. The book itself is a massive 13 inches by 10 inches closed, spreading to 26 inches when open. Included, are a printed hardcover and a printed dust cover. I cannot stress the quality of this print, it is at a professional level and is not simply some supermarket novelty.

Featured in the book, among other things, is a six page write-up for each race weekend, filled with huge photos and a summary of the events. Every driver that participated at a race during the 2011 season is in the book at least once, as a full driver roster is included.

Each book will cost $100.00, shipping included. This is not a profitable endeavor, as $100.00 is "at cost" when shipping is included. Apple has a lead time of two weeks on their printing; therefore, if you wish to have your book by December 25th, please put in your order and pay by December 5th.

All purchase requests can be sent to Dennis Valet at dennis.valet@gmail.com

Orders will continue past December 5, but please mind the deadline if you wish to have the book by Christmas.

Please visit Apple's printing site if you would like more information on the quality of the books they produce: http://www.apple.com/ilife/print-products.html

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