February 15, 2012
Beasley leads in the Mygale at VIR in 2011

Sharon, CT – The F1600 Formula F Championship Series announced today that it will update its 2012 rules package to let European Formula F chassis compete in the 12-race, six-weekend schedule.

Based on a dramatic set of rule changes just taking place in Europe, a number of cars are now obsolete across the Atlantic and offer Formula F competitors in the U.S. a source of reasonably priced late model used cars.

Series organizers have recognized the need to have a ready supply of modern cars in the marketplace and have worked to accommodate the outdated European Formula F chassis.

A “town hall” meeting was called in 2011 during the Mid-Ohio weekend where Series officials polled entrants on allowing European-spec cars into the Series. Reactions were almost all positive, with the provision that competitors cannot pick and choose specific rules from either the European spec or the SCCA GCR, rather they have to declare one set or the other.

Series organizers have edited the 2011 European rules to make them more appropriate for Honda Fit and Ford Kent powered F1600 cars, thus deleting all the sections referring to Duratec engines and their respective control systems.

In regards to chassis and suspension, the Series changed the wheel sizes and tires to its current spec, and allows the cars to enter with no minimum ride height.

A copy of the European rules as applied to the F1600 Championship Series are available at this link: www.f1600series.com/pdfs/techspecseuro.pdf

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