Expanded Atlantic Schedule Brings Expanded Opportunity

February 6, 2015
Keith Grant No. 40 Swift 016/Mazda

Salem, NH - The expanded schedule for the 2015 Atlantic Championship Series has left teams and drivers looking forward to the upcoming season, as well as allowing for new opportunities on how to earn points. Atlantic is now fourteen races on seven weekends, matching events with F2000 and F1600.

The 2014 season consisted of seven weekends for both the Formula F F1600 Series as well as the F2000 Championship series, yet the Atlantic Championship Series season however was only comprised five weekends for 10 races; which in itself was up from the 2012 season that was made up of three weekends and 6 races.

“To align the Atlantic schedule with our F1600 and F2000 schedules made a lot of sense.  This will give teams and drivers more opportunities to compete for a championship. We have also extended the length of the races to 40 minutes which will challenge the drivers further,” said Chip Robinson, race director, Formula Race Promotions. 

Teams also have the option of running in Palm Beach, Florida at the Palm Beach International Raceway. The pre-season race will be from February 12-14 and is a non-points event.

Along with the pre-season weekend in Palm Beach there is another new edition to the schedule. All series will be making two stops at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Not only is Pittsburgh new to the Atlantic schedule, the complex has been completely renovated and is ready for what 2015 has to throw its way in the favor of a high-speed long road course perfect for the Atlantic cars.

Other than Palm Beach in February and Pittsburgh in both July and October, there are five more stops to look forward to this season. They include: Road Atlanta in April, Watkins Glen in May, Virginia International Raceway in June, Mid Ohio in July, and New Jersey in August.  

There will also be test days hosted by the series at Road Atlanta, on Thursday April 9th and Mid Ohio twilight testing prior to the July 3-5 race weekend.

“I look forward to the upcoming season. I am glad to see the series has expanded the schedule to 14 races. Last season we were sorting out a new car while getting quicker at every race; with the assistance of Polestar, we plan to compete for the series championship this year,” said Keith Grant, who drives the No. 40 Swift/016 Mazda for Polestar Racing. 

Jim Griffith from Polestar also commented on the pre season race saying that they would be running one Atlantic Championship Car as well as one F1600 car. 

Kris Kaiser from K-Hill Racing looks to the upcoming season with confidence. “Our expectations are to repeat as champions. We are still working on our driver line up,” said Kaiser.

“We do like the schedule and think it would make a great season. We hope to fill our seats and be a part of the series in 2015,” said Steve Stadel from COMPREP Racing. 

All of this change should bring excitement for those on, as well as off the track. More opportunity calls for more uncertainty, making this season one to look forward to. 

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