Essma First in Rain at Road Atlanta

April 23, 2018

Braselton, GA – Joey Essma conquered a fully wet race at Road Atlanta to close out the three-race F1600 Championship Series weekend.  Challenging conditions saw the Team Pelfrey driver lead a number of laps, and win just by under a second over K-Hill pairing Tyler O’Connor, coming off two wins, and Dario Cangialosi, who led a chunk of the race. Scott Rubenzer swept the Masters Class with three wins on the day.


Essma: “Mid-corner, it was pretty slick and on the exits of some corners there were puddles that would set you sideways. You had to be careful and plan ahead. I guess we kept it together.”

O’Connor: “It wasn’t easy out there. Those were the worst conditions I’ve encountered in racing. I dropped back a bit at the start and was focused on keeping it on the track. We focused on doing that and picking up spots through other people’s mistakes. It was a great weekend, I’m happy with how it turned out. Thanks to K-Hill Motorsports.”

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