Erickson Wins Season Finale at Mid-Ohio

September 5, 2010
Erickson won his third race of the year in an ADSA/Wright car prepped by Primus Racing.

Lexington, OH – Australian rookie Daniel Erickson took his third win of the season and put his stamp on third in the overall F2000 points standings with victory in the F2000 season finale at Mid-Ohio. Erickson took the lead on the start from 2010 F2000 Champion Victor Carbone and never looked back, driving to his third win in only ten starts over Cole Morgan and Carbone. Erickson also wrapped up the Taylor Race Engineering Rookie of the Year honors.

Erickson only ran ten of 14 races this year, missing rounds at Road Atlanta and Mosport due to limited funding before coming back to complete the season, including a sweep of Watkins Glen and today’s victory in the season finale.

The start at Mid-Ohio

“I got a great start and Cole gave me a push to the first turn and I managed to get into the lead,” said Erickson, who was driving an ADSA/Wright owned Van Diemen prepped by Primus Racing. “I pushed hard to break the tow and then the safety car came out, so I was a bit worried about the guys behind me. But, I managed to get a jump on the restart and broke the tow again and just tried to drive mistake free the rest of the way.”

Morgan finished second in the race today and the overall F2000 Championship for 2010 ahead of Victor Carbone

“The car kept getting better and better,” Morgan commented. “Daniel owes me about half that win because I pushed him straight into the first turn. I got past Victor on the restart and then was trying to chase Daniel down but Victor was behind me so I also had to drive a bit defensively. After the way this weekend started it’s a good way to end it.”

Carbone is the 2010 Champion

Carbone finished third after starting from pole both days at Mid-Ohio and clinching the overall title yesterday.

“That was a tough race, I could see how on the limit Cole was driving and I was 110 percent all the way,” Carbone, from Brazil and driving for Alegra Motorsports, said. “A lot of people keep commenting about us making this year look easy but it’s really the end result of a dedicated team. This year was far from easy.”

Jonathan Scarallo overcame a dead-last starting position to put in an incredible drive to finish fourth, improving some 17 positions and winning the CellMark Paper Hard Charger award for the race.

“When the initial green flag flew I was still in the keyhole, so it was sort of a mess to begin with,” explained Scarallo, who won round 12 of the year at Road America. “But I drove as hard as I could and picked off people one by one. It’s a nice result after my mistake in qualifying. I have to give R-Sport credit for putting the car back together so quickly. I am a bit disappointed though as I know if I didn’t make that mistake and go off in qualifying we would have had the car to win here.”

Phil Lombardi won the Masters Class title for GTP.

Phil Lombardi rounded out the top five and was the first of the Masters Class drivers, clinching the Masters Championship with a solid drive at Mid-Ohio.

“It feels nice to end the year on a high note like this and win the Masters for GTP Motorsports,” Lombardi said.

Canadian Remy Audette finished sixth ahead of Chris Livengood, who had a break-through victory yesterday. Livengood did set fast lap in the race and was followed by Rob Nicholas, Fabio Orsolon and Dave Weitzenhof, to complete the top ten.

The race saw one full course caution to collect a stranded Ardie Greenamyer, who was involved in contact with Mark Defer in the early stages of the race.

Craig Clawson pitted during the caution period to replace a right-rear tire that was cut, and without a spare in the Clawson Motorsports pits, Caldwell Racing was quick to respond with a spare wheel and Hoosier tire for the #27.

Paul Farmer improved 52 positions over the course of the season to win the CellMark Paper Hard Charger

The CellMark Paper Hard Charger award on the entire season went to Masters Class driver Paul Farmer, who improved his position 52 places over the course of the 14-event year in his #69 GTP Motorsports Mygale/Zetec.

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Race Two Results:

Pos No. Name Laps Total Tm Diff Gap Avg. Speed Best Tm Best Spd 1 95 Daniel Erickson 20 31:23.452 - - 86.318 1:24.922 95.721 2 1 Cole Morgan 20 31:24.486 +1.034 +1.034 86.271 1:24.833 95.821 3 23 Victor Carbone 20 31:25.232 +1.780 +0.746 86.237 1:24.860 95.791 4 22 Jonathon Scarallo 20 31:28.014 +4.562 +2.782 86.110 1:24.619 96.064 5 3 Phil Lombardi/M 20 31:28.760 +5.308 +0.746 86.076 1:24.502 96.197 6 21 Remy Audette 20 31:30.200 +6.748 +1.440 86.010 1:25.188 95.422 7 37 Chris Livengood 20 31:30.438 +6.986 +0.238 85.999 1:24.319 96.405 8 89 Rob Nicholas/M 20 31:34.183 +10.731 +3.745 85.829 1:25.193 95.416 9 26 Fabio Orsolon 20 31:34.522 +11.070 +0.339 85.814 1:25.420 95.163 10 67 Dave Weitzenhof/M 20 31:44.273 +20.821 +9.751 85.374 1:25.424 95.158 11 70 Tom Fatur/M 20 31:45.779 +22.327 +1.506 85.307 1:26.020 94.499 12 80 Bobby Caldwell 20 31:52.141 +28.689 +6.362 85.023 1:26.302 94.190 13 42 Bill Jordan/M 20 31:53.571 +30.119 +1.430 84.959 1:25.784 94.759 14 90 Robert Wright/M 20 31:59.475 +36.023 +5.904 84.698 1:26.811 93.638 15 25 Jeff McCusker/M 20 32:01.260 +37.808 +1.785 84.619 1:26.873 93.571 16 69 Paul Farmer/M 20 32:17.327 +53.875 +16.067 83.918 1:27.637 92.755 17 46 Doug Rocco 20 32:37.683 +1:14.231 +20.356 83.045 1:28.070 92.299 18 27 Craig Clawson/M 19 32:01.517 1 Lap 1 Lap 80.378 1:26.532 93.940 19 8 Mark Defer/M 19 32:40.870 +39.353 +39.353 78.765 1:25.374 95.214 DNF 5 Keith McCrone/M 8 14:28.110 12 Laps 11 Laps 74.910 1:26.110 94.400 DNF 28 Ardie Greenamyer/M 3 5:04.347 17 Laps 5 Laps 80.127 1:27.338 93.073

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