Engine Changes and Longer Races for 2015

December 19, 2014
Ethan Ringel

Salem, NH – Formula Race Promotions today announced a number of minor rule changes for the Atlantic Championship Series ahead of its expanded 2015 season.

First, Atlantic races will be extended from 30 minutes to 40 minutes, including the pre-season weekend, which features a non-points race at Palm Beach International Raceway.

Swift 016 race cars will receive a smaller 33mm restrictor, while Swift 014 Toyota (1800cc engine) powered Atlantic cars will receive a larger, 31mm restrictor.

Rev limits will stay the same for the above configurations, while the Swift 014 Toyota (1600cc engine) will receive no changes and run in the same unrestricted configuration as in 2014.

The Atlantic Challenge division is also being adjusted. Drivers eligible for the Atlantic Challenge must be in cars older than Swift 014, such as Ralt RT40- 41, Swift 008, DB4 or Reynard chassis. Also, all drivers over 50, regardless of model car, are eligible.  

Atlantic Challenge entries compete for the overall win and purse, but also receive their own podium ceremony, purse and trophies.

The season starts with its first points-paying event at Road Atlanta, April 10-12. Learn more at www.AtlanticChampionshipSeries.com.

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