Driver Blog : Chris Miller - Back for 2009

March 8, 2009
Chris Miller has resigned with JDC Motorsports for 2009

After what has felt like an eternity, I’m really looking forward to finally getting back in the car. Over the past few months we considered a lot of options but ultimately the competition, affordability and schedule of the F2000 Championship Series made it the obvious choice.

Following a successful first season of pro racing it seemed only logical to re-sign with JDC Motorsports for the 2009 campaign and I am excited to continue the relationship we developed last season. The team did a fantastic job and we have a solid foundation with which to continue to improve upon. That said, our goals have certainly changed this year and I know that we can put in a serious championship winning effort.

The brutal Minnesota winters combined with no racing makes for a particularly long offseason. During the offseason, most of my time is dedicated towards school. I am currently a sophomore at The University of Minnesota where I am studying economics with a business minor. I have also had the opportunity to visit the impressive JDC Motorsports shop multiple times over the past few months and the cars look great. The team has been hard at work preparing them for the season and developing new things to test. The first chance I will have to evaluate some of the new developments will be at a test in a few weeks at Mid America Motorplex.

With about a month until the first race of the season I will continue to work on my physical condition with a trainer and hopefully get a chance to do some karting in not too long. Other than that it’s just a lot of small things that I need to take care of before the season including going down to JDC Motorsports to get a new seat made and making sure I have everything I need for the first race.

As the top returning driver to the series our expectations are high. However, the competition should be excellent again this season so it will be important to get off to a strong start like we did last year. I am looking forward to returning to V.I.R., where we achieved our first podium last season, for the first race of the season. It will be nice to revisit many of the tracks that were new to me in 2008 and high profile events with Indy Car and Grand Am make the 2009 schedule one of the best in junior formula car racing. This season I will also take advantage of JDC Motorsports’ internal ladder system by participating in select tests and races with their Star Mazda team. Finally, I have to thank Miller Milling Company for their continued support.

I look forward to continuing to keep you updated throughout the season with monthly blogs on the F2000 Championship Series website!

Chris Miller

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