March 29, 2012

Marietta, OH - The first entry of a Crossle 35 Fit in the F1600 Formula F Championship Series has been filed by Kevin Brumbaugh of Marietta, OH for the upcoming April 12-15 event at VIR. This will be the first Honda powered “Club” or CF type car to compete in the Series.

“I’ve owned my Crossle since 1989 so I certainly know and love the car,” said Brumbaugh. “My car is reliable, consistent, very fast (for a CF) and low maintenance. The same characteristics of reliable, consistent, fast and low maintenance are exactly what I expect by going with the Honda Fit.” “Sometimes I think a modern Van Diemen or Citation would be nice but my car is a lot of fun. I’m confident I could collect more trophies to store in the basement by running SCCA Regional’s in CF but I love the intense competition and professional organization of the F1600 Formula F Championship Series.”

For the 2012 season, Brumbaugh’s Andy LLC team will have a full time data acquisition and video technician plus a dedicated driver coach in addition to the driver and Team Manager. Andy Brumbaugh is slated to compete in the Watkins Glen and possibly Mid-Ohio F1600 Series races with the Crossle Fit.

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