F2000 Championship Series Directory

January 27, 2009

F1600 Championship Series / Formula Race Promotions

855-722-3377 (both phone and fax)

1 Stiles Road
Suite 105
Salem, NH 03079

ContactEmailExtensionSeries Owner Robert Wright robertw@formularacepromotions.com 701 Series Owner Al Guibord alg@formularacepromotions.com 702 Administration Manager Clay Hutchison clayh@formularacepromotions.com 708 Race Director Mike Fultz mikef@formularacepromotions.com 705 Technical Director Joe Griffin joeg@formularacepromotions.com 707 Registrar Lenore Panas lenorep@formularacepromotions.com --- Website and press Chris Livengood chris@formularacepromotions.com ---



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