Chris Miller Takes Third Victory at the Glen

July 3, 2009
A great start for the huge field as Miller led into turn one and never looked back.

Watkins Glen, NY – Chris Miller made it the perfect day by setting fast lap and cruising to his third win of the season at Watkins Glen for JDC MotorSports. The race that saw multiple caution flags ended three laps early under red flag conditions, with Phil Lombardi finishing second just inches ahead of Remy Audette, who was missing a front wing.

"It was a great race, and for the championship it is even more important given where the other guys finished," said Miller in post race tech inspection. "I have to thank Miller Milling, JDC and John Church for all their support. Remy (Audette) got close to me on a few restarts but was busy trying to keep Matt (McDonough) behind him so I was able to stretch my lead."

Miller takes over the points lead over Audette and Inge, who falls considerably back to third. Inge was running in the top three until an incident with Audette cost him his front wing and he went a lap down as St. Clair Motorsports raced to repair the car. "I got runover by Audette on the back straight," commented Inge. "He came down on me; I don’t think he even knew I was there."

Just three laps in the race went yellow as a safety crews had to retrieve a stranded Chris Gumprecht. The track didn’t stay green for long following that as a multiple car incident on the back straight triggered by John Dole losing his brakes needed some significant cleanup.

"There were cars everywhere," commented Colin Alexander, who was an unfortunate participant in the multiple car incident. "Cars were into the tires, Dole was airborne, and I went into the busstop and just got hit."

At the second restart, Miller was able to escape as Matt McDonough, driving the Piper chassis and Remy Audette contested second place as they traded it back and forth multiple times.

Audette and McDonough traded second place multiple times.

On lap 10 McDonough spun in turn nine, with nowhere to go Audette clipped him, ripping off his front wing and bending his steering.

"Matt (McDonough) spun in front of me I had nowhere to go. I tried not to hit him but clipped him with the front wing," said Audette, who ended up finishing the lap without a front wing and bent steering for third place points.

Al Guibord, Jr. avoided the stranded Piper but Camadella and Scarallo weren’t far behind and with nowhere to go, Scarallo hit the #11 of McDonough, bringing out the red flag and ending the race due to the course blockage.

Jonathan Scarallo shared his view of the incident: "Matt (McDonough) just spun in front of us and I was all over Camadella. There were no yellow flags or anything and I had nowhere to go."

Lombardi, driving for GTP, came home second.

Phil Lombardi capitalized from the incident and came home in second. "That was an eventful race," Lombardi said. "It was hard to get into a rhythm with all those cautions. I appreciate Remy (Audette) giving me so much room when we were running side by side. I knew he had lost his wing and from there it was just a drag race down the straight. We had a fourth or fifth place car and came home second; it’s good to see some luck go my way."

Al Guibord, Jr. came home in fourth position. "That was a crazy race, all of us from second to fifth place were dicing, we were probably in a different position every lap," commented Guibord, Jr.

Chris Camadella was another recipient of the incidents and took the Masters Class victory, rounding out the top five.

Masters Class drivers Keith McCrone, Jeff McCusker, Bob Wright, Tom Fatur and Dwight Rider were rewarded for staying out of trouble, rounding out the top ten behind the lead group.

Benjamin Searcy was not able to make the start of the race as heavy damage from a qualifying incident could not be repaired in time.

Qualifying for race two at Watkins Glen gets underway tomorrow, Saturday, July 4, at 11:30, with the second race of the weekend following on Sunday around 11:00. Stay tuned to for the latest.

Official Results:

PosNo.NameLapsTotal TmDiffGapAvg. SpeedBest TmBest Spd185Chris Miller1129:03.811--76.5291:54.505105.95223Phil Lombardi1129:09.585+5.774+5.77476.2761:55.171105.339321Remy Audette1129:10.839+7.028+1.25476.2221:54.877105.609495Al Guibord, Jr.1129:11.014+7.203+0.17576.2141:55.066105.43554Chris Camadella/M1129:11.030+7.219+0.01676.2131:55.959104.62365Keith McCrone/M1129:15.351+11.540+4.32176.0261:56.365104.258725Jeff McCusker/M1129:16.631+12.820+1.28075.9701:56.162104.440890Robert Wright/M1129:18.564+14.753+1.93375.8871:56.553104.090970Tom Fatur/M1129:19.233+15.422+0.66975.8581:56.541104.1011060Dwight Rider/M1129:19.629+15.818+0.39675.8411:56.528104.1121126Fabio Orsolon1129:19.939+16.128+0.31075.8281:56.866103.8111227Craig Clawson/M1129:20.089+16.278+0.15075.8211:56.576104.0691389Rob Nicholas1129:21.640+17.829+1.55175.7541:57.189103.5251496Alejandro Munoz1129:22.073+18.262+0.43375.7361:56.957103.7301528Ardie Greenameyer1129:27.524+23.713+5.45175.5021:58.380102.4841656Mike Mazziotti/M1129:28.220+24.409+0.69675.4731:57.637103.1311780Bobby Caldwell1129:28.286+24.475+0.06675.4701:57.536103.2191883Charles Finelli/M1129:28.459+24.648+0.17375.4621:56.669103.9861920Caitlin Johnston1129:32.879+29.068+4.42075.2742:00.405100.7602017Ty Hunter1129:34.352+30.541+1.47375.2122:00.866100.3762151Dan Denison/M1129:43.494+39.683+9.14274.8262:01.37099.9592294Blake Teeter1129:43.528+39.717+0.03474.8252:01.74599.6512315Mark Felsen1129:49.690+45.879+6.16274.5672:03.18998.4832411Matt McDonough1027:10.7681 Lap1 Lap74.3941:55.209105.3042522Jonathan Scarallo1027:15.603+4.835+4.83574.1741:55.967104.616268Mark Defer/M925:37.8312 Laps1 Lap71.0011:59.771101.293DNF7Brent Gilkes/M411:22.8547 Laps5 Laps71.0662:03.10698.549DNF08John Dole/M411:22.946+0.092+0.09271.0572:04.01797.825DNF12Colin Alexander411:23.663+0.809+0.71770.9822:02.13799.331DNF02Matthew Inge428:14.453+16:51.599+16:50.79028.6391:55.316105.207DNF97Chris Gumprecht05.55211 Laps4 Laps--.----DNS10Benjamin Searcy0-.-------.----DNS47Scott Gesford0-.-------.----

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