Chris Livengood: 2010 “Unsung Hero” Checks In

November 23, 2010

Chris Livengood was recently named Junior Open Wheel Talent’s 2010 F2000 Championship Series “Unsung Hero”. Check out the article here.

The 2010 season is now barely a speck in the mirrors of life. As a believer in the forward movement of time I feel that it is important to remember aspects of history. Without this process, how is that we would ever make progress beyond the ills of our past?

The process of historical review allows us to learn and not get stuck in a Bill Murray Ground Hog Day repetition of time. Then again, a perpetual life including 1993 Andie MacDowell couldn’t be so bad, could it?  Decidedly, these journals are likely my biggest secret of the season. You see, for as much fun as I have had writing these journals the real reward is that I have a written personal history of my 2010 season. I did my best to include some of my mistakes in each and every journal so that down the road these mistakes wouldn’t become that proverbial speck in the mirror of life but rather can be reabsorbed and hopefully avoided.

Digressing, Mid-Ohio turned out to be a successful weekend for the Work Racing crew. It was the only track that I had previously experienced in an F2000 Car and is also the place where I molded my passion for auto racing. We visited the track in September the previous year for my first ever F2000 outing and our program has advanced light years over that visit.

Chris Livengood

I was definitely confident going into Mid-Ohio. I felt good in the car at the previous event and knew we had yet again made improvements to the car. Thanks to the cumulative efforts of the team and a little bit of momentum from our previous experience, success was a definite possibility. This preparation and confidence proved to be a reality.

Work Racing took the win Saturday and we set the fast lap of both Saturday and Sunday’s races. This is just the completion of one more dream on my long list of things to do in auto racing. This victory means the world to me and I can simply not thank Bruce Work enough, as well as my father and John Walko, for giving me the opportunity to participate in the biggest open wheel series in North America! Finally, to finish off the 2010 season I was awarded the’s “Unsung Hero” award for the F2000 CS. This is the icing on the cake for me and I am honored to have received this award.

Looking down the track, I am incredibly excited for the 2011 season. Mike Rand and the guys have put together another phenomenal schedule. The only change is the removal of Road America and its subsequent replacement with a second trip to Watkins Glen. If you followed my results last year, you know that I’m not disappointed about a second trip to The Glen. We are currently working on plans for upcoming season. I previously found support from Turn1Prosports,, and Primus Racing. And this year I hope to continue and grow with all of these hugely important partners. My plans are not of this time set in stone, but stay tuned for forthcoming news. One thing that won’t change in 2011 is my mantra. Every session, every day, I will be in pursuit of improvement of my skill set and equipment. That said, thank you to all of my supporters and friends. 2010 was amazing thanks to you!

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