CDS Announces Contingency Offers

March 23, 2013

Competition Data Systems has announced special discount offers to all participants in the F1600 and F2000 Championship Series in 2013.


Products included in the offer are our:

-        CP+ 3000 Data System Package

-        Push Rod Load Cell Corner Weight Measuring Kit

-        SEN-15 Non Contact Suspension Sensor

The CP+ 3000 Data System, based on our Co Pilot 2+ display and Track Master Analysis Software, is a full feature professional level data system offering drivers and engineers in the series an extremely powerful and flexible tool for analyzing driver, chassis, and engine performance. Several top runners in both series are long time users of the Co Pilot 2+ system.

Our Push Rod Corner Weight measuring Kit enables teams to accurately measure live corner weights and determine aero loads/balance and all aspects of dynamic weight transfer

The SEN-15 Non Contact sensor is truly a game changer in how suspension data (and other displacements) will be measured in race cars. The sensor works by measuring the magnetic field of a rare earth magnet as it moves relative to the sensor itself. It has no moving parts, works with sensor-to-magnet gaps up to 1.5 “, and is immune to failure from water or chemical contamination.  It is completely solid state and will never wear out.

 The SEN-15 eliminates many of the inherent issues with traditional solutions (such as linear  or rotary potentiometers) including wear, contamination, noise, and susceptibility to crash damage. It is also more accurate and less expensive than many traditional solutions.

Both the Push Rod Load Cell Kit and the SEN-15 Suspension Sensors are compatible with virtually all popular data systems and are available with a variety of connectors installed.

Details of the full offer for the series competitors can be found at:

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