CC Autosport Returns to F2000

April 11, 2013

Miami, Florida - Kyle Connery, driver of the CC Autosport team is returning to the F2000 Championship Series in his Van Diemen, engineered by James Lee Engineering.  

Kyle Connery has spent the off-season on Sim-Sports simulator preparing for VIR, the first race of the season.  From the simulator, Kyle has been able to hold a faster and more consistent pace that matches more of the competition this season.  The CC Autosport strategy for the year is simple, as Connery says. “Every race we must collect as many points as possible and finish as high as we can without wrecking”.

CC Autosport is also excited to announce some new sponsors for the upcoming season.  Monticello Motor Club, where Connery is a pro instructor, will be hosting a testing session for the team as well as sponsoring the team on their journey to the championship.  Additionally, CC Autosport has brought on Apex Photography as their official media company for the 2013 season.  Connery Concrete will continue to sponsor CC Autosport.  BTS Industries and Mobil 1 Racing Oil will also continue to be used by the CC Autosport team.

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