Cangialosi Takes Win in Race Two as Deluge Continues

May 13, 2019

Race two saw more rain and continued harsh conditions and Cnagialosi survived to triumph!

 Lazier on pole, immediately got the jump on Cangialosi. The rain continuing to plague the racers. It was Dudley Fleck in third and Lee Alexander in fourth. Rich Zober held fifth.

Two laps in, Fleck made a mistake and Alexander took over third. The front two, around three seconds apart, are running effectively the same laps times though Cangialosi has a slight edge. A lap later, the edge is in Lazier’s favor. The give and take means the gap stays about the same.

At the start of the fifth lap, Lazier is lost. He never crosses the line. It’s Cangialosi to the lead. Lazier got into the barriers incapacitating his K-Hill entry. The double yellows wave and the field is corralled behind the safety car. The race now about halfway complete, the track crews are working on cleaning up the wreckage.

Racing resumed and it is Cangialosi, Alexander, Fleck, Zober, and Kindsfater in the top five positions. The rain easing now, it’s not exactly good weather, but it’s certainly welcome over previous conditions. Cangialosi is cruising out front, there’s no danger of being caught without a major malfunction of some type. Alexander runs comfortably in second, Fleck secure in his third spot as well. As the checker flag waved the standings held steady.

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