Cangialosi Makes it Two in a Row!

April 21, 2019

 Cangialosi performs flawlessly to take the win in hard fought race two of the Formula Atlantaic Championship Series at Road Atlanta!

 Braselton, GA

April 20, 2019

Off the line it was again Keith Grant with the jump, but the lead only briefly held. He ended up the filling in a Cangialosi and Lazier sandwich in turn 1 and that left him to fall to third. Cangialosi completed the first lap holding the position at the point of the field where he had looked so comfortable in race one. Lazier chasing, Dudley Fleck now in third, and Grant in fourth. Brockman, then Kindsfater filling out fifth and sixth.

The track a mixture of dry and damp, conditions that certainly aren’t optimal, but they are better than other sessions of the weekend. Cangialosi was lapping the fastest of the group, but Lazier wasn’t without fight. The difference was less than a tenth of a second lap for lap.

For Lazier though, a podium wasn’t in the cards, he seemingly lost power and came to stop on track. This sent out the full course caution and the safety car to pace the field. The running order is Cangialosi, Fleck, Grant, Brockman, and Kindsfater running one through five respectively.

The stopped car which turned into cars plural when a second car ground to a halt on its own were both cleared and the field once again returned to full bore racing with fifteen laps remaining. At this point the number of laps to run exceeded the amount of time allotted and race runs against the clock, ten minutes remain.

Cangialosi immediately pulled out two seconds over a dicing Grant, Fleck, and Brockman. Lee Alexander fell back but held fifth just one second ahead of Kindsfater, who himself was tightly trailed by seventh place Rich Zober. The track quickly drying at this junction, Grant appeared strong. He gapped Brockman and Fleck and ran the fastest lap of the race thus far. Zober then went from seventh to fifth as he leapfrogged Lee Alexander and Kindsfater experienced some sort of drama causing him to fall back.

With five minutes to run Congialosi was able to turn the wick up and the gap to Grant started to grow. Grant of course bettering his own times while Brockman in third was unable to respond to Grant’s pace and fell further behind. The race for fourth and fifth was the tightest on the track, Zober and Fleck dually closely, less than a second between them. Zober ultimately had had more in the tank though and brought it home fourth overall and first in masters. The top three remained Cangialosi, Grant, and Brockman.

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