Bruce Hamilton to Defend Atlantic Masters Title

March 22, 2018

Salem, NH – 2017 Atlantic Championship Series Masters Class title winner Bruce Hamilton will be back in 2018 to defend his crown over the 14-race, seven-weekend Atlantic season.

Hamilton triumphed over a thrilling season-long battle with Bob Corliss in 2017, and will again be back for K-Hill Motorsports in a Swift 014.

This year, however, there will be a big change as Hamilton has opted to move to a new powerplant in the chassis with the season opening at Road Atlanta, April 21-22.

“Although competitive enough to get us the Masters championship last year, the 1600 cc Toyota powerplant just was not competitive with the Swift 016 cars,” Hamilton said. “So, we spent the off season putting the Mazda MZR 2-liter powerplant in the yellow 014. Initial tests show that we may be on to something.”

Hamilton credited Mike Duncan from K-Hill Motorsports, who took the lead on the challenging offseason project.

“Our goal in 2018 is to finish more races and show that this car can compete with the Swift 016s,” Hamilton said.

“Our biggest challenge will most likely be the same one any new design faces. Long term reliability. We think we’ve got a great formula but the 2018 season will be the real test,” he continued. “I am personally looking forward to the challenge and being back on the track with some great racers.”

Also keeping the Masters Class racer busy are vintage events, where he pilots either a 2008 Indy Lights car or his 1970 Brabham BT36. 

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