Bill Wise Aims for F2000

January 7, 2015

Formula Continental racer Bill Wise has entered the Champion Spark Plug contest “Search for a Champion” in hopes of racing in the F2000 Series in 2015. To support him, watch the video and enter your vote here.

From Bill:

2015 looks to be a season of second chances for me. With the purchase of a late model Van Diemen early last season, and an unfortunate engine failure the first day out, I had anticipated joining a couple of the rounds of the 2014 season. Instead it became a building year. I was able to spend my free months building an understanding of the chassis and creating a baseline for which to start once the motor was ready, and since I’m the mechanic, engineer, and driver it should make each race meeting go a bit smoother. Ultimately, I’m a tinkerer and enjoy building the knowledge of how the car works and putting forth the effort to find those little tweaks that help make the car that little bit quicker.

And whatever those tweaks maybe I’m definitely going to need them. I’m not going to pretend that I’ll be fighting at the front for the win. With a Pinto behind me and minimal crew that will be a stretch, but maybe hard work and dedication, sprinkled with a little luck, might be fighting for a top ten spot. Either way, getting the opportunity to do some pro racing is something that was beyond my comprehension 5 years ago when I first earned my SCCA license, and the F2000 Series is the perfect place for that to happen. It’s a place where the car counts are strong, the field is closely packed and the competition is fierce from top to bottom. I look forward to making my debut in the series at Mid-Ohio, a track I’m familiar with, and with some help maybe join in for the remaining rounds of the season. I look forward to meeting all the other competitors in July.



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