Ben Auriemma and the 2015 Season

March 31, 2015
Ben Auriemma No. 82 Mygale/Honda

New to the F1600 Formula F Championship Series, Ben Auriemma is looking forward to the 2015 season; the recent addition to Team Pelfrey took some time to talk about his past, the off-season, and what is to come as he drives the No. 82 Mygale/Honda into the 2015 season and the 21 races that are to come.

Auriemma has already shown his presence on the podium this season with qualifying third as well as finishing third overall at the pre-season race at PBIR.

When asked to think back to his 2014 season, Auriemma had a lot to say about his experience.

“2014 was my first year in cars, and for sure my best year in racing so far. I was really happy after starting so strong in the Winter Series, being on the podium in every race but one and finishing third in my first championship, but I felt like I had been playing catch up the whole year chasing Keyvan Soori, Nikita Lastochkin, and all the other fast guys,” said the 17 year old.

“I wanted to be the benchmark as well as the man to beat in the Summer Series. I honestly came into the first race at NOLA Motorsports Park with the goal of dominating the weekend, and did pretty well at that getting three poles and three race wins.  I’d have to say that was the highlight of the year, especially with New Orleans being one of my favorite cities and favorite tracks.  I kept it going for a while, and led the championship for the first half.  Putnam was probably the turning point, and my lowlight of the season. I really struggled at that track, and it set me back far enough that I couldn’t recover for the championship win.”

Auriemma hails from New York, and is a junior attending Manhasset High School on Long Island. Coming into this season straight out of the Skip Barber Racing School; he hopes to apply a lot of the knowledge he learned there into the upcoming season.

Auriemma draws his motivation from within himself; and it is very easy to see that he has a strong passion for what he does, and that racing is truly in his blood.

“There really is no need for external motivation for me,” said Auriemma “I’m a racecar driver, and I like to win—that’s all the motivation I need.  Of course, I really look up to my dad and I appreciate everything he’s done to get me into racing and all of his support.  It does feel great to make him proud, but that’s not why I race.  There’s a fire inside of me that drives me, and that’s really all it is.”
Focus is what is driving Auriemma’s agenda, and focus is what he is going to use to get him the results he wants. The 2015 season holds big opportunity for Auriemma; and although he knows the struggle that lie ahead, he is looking forward to the challenge.

“I’m trying not to put any expectations on the year, because being focused on the results isn’t the best way to deliver them.  We just need to focus on the process—I have a really talented group of people around me and if we all keep doing what we do, the results will come.  It’s not going to be handed to us, but 2015 has the potential to be a very strong season.”

When asked for any final comments on what comes next, Auriemma finished with the confidence that resonates through many drivers; and the kind of attitude that leads to great racing.

“Final words?  Keep an eye on me this year, I won’t disappoint.”

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