Average Age of Race Winner in 2010? 20

November 12, 2010
Carbone became the youngest winner and champion in F2000 at 17.

New York, NY – The average age of a F2000 race winner over the course of the 2010 season was exactly 20-years old. The 14-race season saw six different winners emerge, representing six different teams, and despite a healthy Masters Class – for drivers over 40 – the oldest driver to win all year, Remy Audette, had only just turned 25. Victor Carbone went on to take the title at the age of 17, with six wins in 14 races.

Carbone also set the record for the youngest driver to win in the five-year history of the F2000 Championship Series with his first series victory at the age of 17 to open the year at VIR.

“It’s an honor to hold the record for the time being,” commented Carbone. “Records are meant to be broken, so I’m sure someone younger will come along.

“It’s also really good to win races with more experienced drivers on the grid. Besides being able to beat them, it was good to race against guys with more experience,” continued the 2010 Champion.

Jonathan Scarallo was the next youngest winner, taking a thrilling victory in a drafting battle between himself, Chris Livengood, Daniel Erickson and Cole Morgan at the age of 18 in August at Elkhart Lake’s Road America.

Morgan and Erickson brought the average up, both taking multiple wins in their early twenties. Morgan took home first place trophies at VIR and Lime Rock, and Erickson took three wins: two at Watkins Glen and then the season finale at Mid-Ohio.

Audette was the "elder" of the 2010 class of race winners.

And the elders of victory circle? Remy Audette at 25, winning at Mosport just a couple weeks after his birthday, and Chris Livengood, winning round 13 of the year at Mid-Ohio at 24-years of age.

“The trick is to be young at heart,” commented Audette. “I can’t believe I’m the oldest of the race winners though, I don’t feel older than those guys.”

Livengood added: “As far as racing experience I have little doubt that I am one of the most experienced.  However, as far as car racing experience I am probably one of the least experienced. Age wasn't something I really considered during the season. It was more about applying what I know from my previous experiences in other forms of racing to what is a slightly different arena of the F2000 Championship Series.”

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