Austin Mack Makes it in F1600

April 30, 2015
Austin Mack Mygale/Honda

Austin Mack is well into his debut season in the F1600 Formula F Championship Series, and did not take long to prove his worth behind the wheel of the No. 11 K-Hill Motorsport Mygale/Honda. The 16 year old has done very well already this season, finishing second at the pre-season race in Palm Beach, and then second again in race two at Road Atlanta.

 Hailing from the small town of Warren, Rhode Island, Mack enjoys the peace that his hometown gives him after a fast paced weekend at the racetrack. 

“I’m from Warren, Rhode Island, it’s a small town, quiet, nice place especially for me to unwind after a race,” said Mack. 

Mack is no stranger to the automotive world, his father owns a shop in Bristol, and has been around motorsports his entire life both behind the wrench as well as behind the wheel. 

“My dad owns a shop in Bristol where he restores old British sports cars, I usually work there in the summertime,” said Mack. “Motorsports was always a part of my life, from the day I was born. I used to watch old tapes of Formula 1 races from the mid 1990s, and I spent a lot of time at various tracks throughout the northeast with my father, who crewed for multiple teams during that time. I first got into karting when I was six years old, doing some indoor karting at F1 Boston in Braintree, MA. I really only got back into it full time after I did a couple Bertil Roos racing schools, and Dennis Macchio, my driver coach, recommended me to a pro F1600 team,” he continued. 

Mack comes from a karting background and is very excited about his transition to cars. Already a highlight for him was his finish in Palm Beach. 

“My finest moment would have to be after finishing my first F1600 Series race, at Palm Beach, in second. That was a tremendous load off my shoulders, and it really helped my confidence going into Road Atlanta,” said Mack. 

Mack also commented on his experience at his first point’s race at Road Atlanta. 

“Road Atlanta was tough for me and the team. During qualifying, we didn’t fare well because I didn’t get any kind of a draft to help with my lap, and the way road Atlanta is, if you don’t have a draft that’s an easy second lost before you’ve even started. The races went well for the most part, I fell back early during race one, but I worked back up to the lead pack and then had an incident that cost me multiple spots. Race two pretty much everything went well, and we got a second place out of it. Race three I had high hopes, and I was running well till about five seconds into the race, when I went off and fell back to last. I pretty much just started getting real creative with my passing, and I worked my way up to third, but once again, had an incident and fell back to seventh, but I did salvage a position before the end of the race to finish sixth,” said Mack. 

When Mack isn’t racing or practicing for a race, he enjoys playing music.

“I have a very nice Gibson Les Paul that I named the Ace Of Spades, and I play it almost obsessively when I’m at home, its very relaxing, even when I have my amp turned up to ten and the whole neighborhood wants to kill me.”

Up next for the series as well as Mack is Watkins Glen, where Mack plans to shoot for the win. Mack is determined and dedicated to making this season the best that it can be for him. 

“I go into every weekend with the thought that I’m going to win, because that’s what I’m there to do. For the season over all, I fully believe that I can and will be the champion. If I’m wrong about this year, then I’ll be right next year, and if I’m wrong about next year, then I’ll be right about the year after that. I’ll eventually be right, though, just you watch! 

Watch No. 11 Austin Mack and the rest of the F1600 field take to the track at Watkins Glen May 15-17. 

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