Atlantic Series Swift 014/Mazda MZR Announcement

July 11, 2016

SCCA Club has announced the eligibility of the Swift 014 Chassis/Mazda 2 liter MZR Motor combination, and published its applicable operating rules package per June, 2016 Fastrack, page 14, letter #19242

In order to prepare the Swift 014 chassis/Mazda 2 liter MZR motor combination to run for full points eligibility in 2017, FRP will allow it to run for the balance of the 2016 season in FRP’s Atlantic run group on the following basis:

- The Swift 014 chassis/Mazda 2 liter MZR motor combination will not be eligible for points, thus will not be in direct competition to FRP’s Atlantic Championship Series or FRP’s Atlantic Challenge Series.

- There will be no podium/prize money.

- Race starting position will be based on overall field qualifying times.

- Qualifying grid will be behind the Atlantic Championship Series group, and behind the Atlantic Challenge Series group.

For 2016: FRP will utilize the SCCA’s Published Rules for the Swift 014 chassis/Mazda 2 liter MZR motor combination in Club racing with the exception that minimum weight is 1275 lbs.

Upon further evaluation during the balance of the 2016 season; FRP, in its sole discretion, will announce possible modifications to the 2017 rules package.

It is FRP’s hope that those interested in this chassis/motor combination will avail themselves of the opportunity provided by FRP and SCCA to run, test, and prepare this chassis/motor combination for a dynamic, competitive 2017 season.

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