Atlantic Friday Notebook from PittRace

August 5, 2016


Wampum, PA - News and notes from the paddock at PittRace during the fifth Formula Race Promotions event of the 2016 season.

Burke is Back

Connor Burke is back in Atlantic Championship Series competition after a strong run in May at Watkins Glen International in the No. 19 Company Motorsports Swift 014/Toyota in the Atlantic Challenge category.

"I love the 014 Toyota because it captures the true essence of Formula Atlantic racing - high revving, nimble and advanced open wheel formula cars," said Burke. "Our biggest challenge this year has been having the reliability to run a complete weekend. To overcome it our preparation is on its game."

Corliss Targeting Challenge Victory

Atlantic Challenge front runner Bob Corliss said he is targeting a clean weekend and a Challenge class win in the No. 17 Comprent Motorsports entry.

"I'm very pleased to see the Burke's coming this weekend," said Corliss. "It should be good fun for the Atlantic Challenge class and hopefully encourages more participation in the future. Biggest challenge is from within to stay focused and aggressive while being smart about the race. Fire in the belly, cool in the head."

New Track for Kindsfater

K-Hill driver Kirk Kindsfater finds himself at a completely new track this weekend at Pittsburgh International Race Complex, and hopes to reply on video and driver coach Tonis Kasemets to get up to speed quickly.

"I typically like to watch some track video's to try and get familiar with the basic track layout," he explained. "I will look at some driver's notes from our driver coach Tonis Kasemets as well. I will need first session to get visuals and try and get braking and turn in points reasonable. We can then use second session to start to refine things a bit and increase speed."

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