Atlantic Championship Drivers Preview Mid-Ohio Weekend

June 30, 2016


Lexington, OH – A full preview of the weekend, talking to select drivers that make up the grid of the Atlantic Championship Series.

David Grant, No. 29 Polestar Entry:

“My expectation for Mid-Ohio is like every other weekend, to win. I need to qualify up front and be consistent,” said Grant. “The biggest challenge transitioning back in to the Atlantic is getting comfortable with the high grip level and trusting the car will stick through the high speed turns. The Swift 016 is a completely different car than the 014 I ran in 2012.  The 016 has more down force and power, but it is not as nimble as the 014.”

Kirk Kindsfater, No. 32 K-Hill Entry:

“I expect to be more competitive at Mid-Ohio,” said Kindsfater. “I've only been there a couple of times but the track layout suits my driving style better than some of the other tracks we have been to this year.  I have been there twice before but it has been many years ago and not in a high down force car like the Atlantic. So practice time will be a factor and I will need to get up to speed quickly.”

Bob Corliss, No. 17 Comprent Entry:

“My expectations are to improve on my best time, have a competitive field and enjoy clean racing,” Corliss noted. “Mid-Ohio is a fun technical track that has many challenges.”

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