AntiSpeed Competition Returns to the F1600 Championship Series

March 19, 2019

AntiSpeed Competition brings upgraded car and team for 2019.

 The Father/Son team of noted has-been Charles Anti and his retiree father/Crew Chief Alvise are returning to the F1600 Championship for 2019. This will be their third season working together and second in the F1600 Series. In 2018 they bumbled along to 16th in the final Championship standings, with a highest finish of 7th. Charles says, “we were just making it up as we went, solving problems as they occurred. And constantly tightening bolts. We weren’t sure where we would stand, going up against the big teams. But I think we’ve laid down a solid foundation to build upon this year.” 

After spending lavishly on a flashy helmet and fly driver suit for 2018, this year they’re upgrading their equipment. “There’s no point in winning if you don’t look good doing it. So now that that’s settled we can start investing in things that actually make the car go fast. We’ve got a set up pad and scales, which is pretty basic equipment that we didn’t have last year. We still have no idea what we’re doing, but now we have the tools to do it.” explained Charles.

We reached out to Crew Chief Alvise for a comment. He just mumbled something in Italian and told us to get out of his garage. Like last year, AntiSpeed Competition will upload on-board videos, with commentary to, so you can follow their progress as the season unfolds.

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