Alex Scaler Takes Maiden Pole in Mid Ohio Qualifying One!

June 29, 2019

 Alex Scaler surprised the field by grabbing pole for the third round of the F1600 Championship Series at Mid Ohio!

With warm weather and sunny skies, the F1600 drivers found themselves immersed in quintessential conditions for qualifying here at Mid Ohio. As the session started, the field twenty deep, spent a fair amount of time jockeying for position in an unusually tight qualifying pack. The pack was ideal for drafting, but it was noted that times were erratic and inconsistent, an unfortunate situation for a qualifying session.

At around the ten minute mark drivers started pitting and the quagmire on track began to loosen. The primary protagonists of previous weekends again were showing strong. Jonathan Kotyk in the K-Hill entry was the fastest in the first half of the session, Dexter Czuba and Josh Green in Pelfrey run cars held down second and third. Scott Rubenzer (M) was fourth and Christian Lall Dass holding fifth.

As the track gained temperature and the Hoosier tires gained grip times continued to fall. Ten minutes remaining, it’s Kotyk at the point, but series newcomer Alex Scaler jumped into the second spot. It was only momentarily though, Bryce Aron quickly pipped Scaler relgating him to third.

With eight minutes left, the drivers are getting comfortable at their limits. The top eight are covered by sixth tenths of a second. Kotyk at the point still, but he’s now on pit lane speaking with his crew. The rest of the drivers continue to refine their pace, and it pays off! Zachary Rivard in the #77 now the fastest, though only .01 of a second faster than Kotyk.

Five minutes to go, It’s Rivard, Kotyk, Green, Ori, and Aron comprising the top five. Less than a second covers the top ten drivers. It’s anybody game. Kotyk is done, he leaves pit lane and reports to his garage.

Dexter Czuba now to the top spot, only to be immediately relegated by the charging Alex Scaler. Rivard now in third, Kotyk sits in fourth despite having retired to the garage. Josh green now fifth.

Two minutes remain, depending on track position, there is just enough time for one more flying lap. With time running out, the track seems stagnant, few drivers are improving their times. The checker flies ending the session, it’s Scaler on pole! A sensational run in his maiden entry. Czuba, Rivard, Kotyk, and Ori hold on to second through fifth respectively.

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