Masters Prospective: Tim Minor

March 23, 2009

Hello everyone! I thought I would let you all know what a busy off season it has been after winning the Masters Championship, with the HELP and very hard work from my crew we were able to accomplish what I view as a very successful season.

We finished 1st in the Masters and 5th overall in the series. I need to thank my crew chief Tim Reedy for all his hard work and for having the best food in the paddock, we could always count on Mike Eakin not to miss a meal.

I have to put out a special thanks to Eric Langbein, he was a really big part of all the results this past season. Eric is not only a great engineer and friend, he also is a good coach and he showed a lot of patience working with an old driver that was willing to change, for that I am truly grateful.

As most of you know, it takes a lot of effort to run an F2000 entry. It can sometimes take away from family live. I have to thank my wife, Nancy, who after 17 years of marriage has never complained too much and has always been very supportive. I can’t leave out my two kids, Shannon & Will, either, they have been along for the ride all these years and have been tremendous supporters

After the season finale at Thunderbolt we decided to add an addition to our living room. I started construction at the end of September with a completion date of December 24th. Construction projects never go as planned, things just kept coming up. I still had to run my business, but am happy to report I did move the Christmas tree in on December 24th!

In December I started a frame-up rebuild on my race car, hoping to be completed in February. Along the way I ended up replacing more things than I thought and as soon as I am finished typing this column for the F2000 website I will be firing the car up for the first time in 2009.

I am looking very forward to the 2009 F2000 season. There are going to be some new teams and it is going to be a very competitive season. Last year we had some issues with on track alternations and I hope this year we drivers can keep a good focus and try to minimize those kind of situations.

Paul Czekanski at Ski Motorsports has been a great help over the last few years. Not only is he a sponsor, but a very good friend. If you ever need to rent a car for a test day or race weekend, he is the guy.

I also need to thank Keith Early at The Bungalow Billiards Restaraunt, billiards, brew and great food too.

John Goss at Pennon Composites also needs to be thanked for all his help and support. If you need anything composite wise, Pennon is the place to call.

I have to take the time to thank everyone who runs the series. Mike Ran, Bob Wright, Al Guibord Jr & Sr, without their efforts none of this could happen. I better put in a good word for the tech guys and timing and scoring as well. Hoosier has been a great supporter of F2000 as well and I have to add them to the list.

I am looking forward to VIR and hope to see everyone there!

Yours in Racing,

Tim Minor Fc88

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