2016 F1600 Prize and Scholarship Package Announced

October 6, 2015
Ben Auriemma leads at NJMP.

Salem, NH – Formula Race Promotions today announced the 2016 F1600 Formula F Championship Series prize and scholarship package.

The 2016 F1600 Formula F Championship Series title-winner will have a number of opportunities available.Within Formula Race Promotions, should they decide to advance to the F2000 or Atlantic Championship Series, the Champion will receive free entry fees, Series registration and a supply of Hoosier tires for each weekend for the 2017 F2000 or Atlantic seasons.

In addition, the Champion will have the opportunity to complete in the Mazda Scholarship Shootout (age limited) for a chance at a $200,000 scholarship.

There will be additional announcements adding to this package over the next few months.

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