Event 5, 2021


October 15th - 17th

2022 / RCFFS Events | Registration Coming Soon

Mid Ohio
Sports Car Course

April 29th - May 1st

Pittsburgh International Race Complex

June 3rd - 5th

Summit Point Motorsports Park

August 19th - 21st

Pittsburgh International Race Complex

October 14th - 16th



The Right Coast Formula F Series (RCFFS) is a racing series located on the East Coast of North America under the umbrella of FRP. RCFFS started as DUFFUS back in 2013. Right Coast simply defines where we are scheduling races and is not meant to slight the Left Coast, aka California, etc., in any way. We pride ourselves on promoting the country’s most inclusive race events catering to Formula F cars  (FF, Formula Ford, CF, HF) of all configurations and drivers of all ages with minimally demanding requirements.The RCFFS offers a format for safe and fun weekend race events featuring paddock camaraderie and good track time in a single class style format.

RCFFS is not a points or purse paying series, but is fun, passionate racing to the checkered flag repeated at least three times on most weekends. This lack of points gathering and score keeping negates the need to try to offer any real or perceived “level playing field” however it certainly doesn’t mean the races are any less hard fought.

We offer good single class track time for fun and safe racing at great race tracks with significant heritage.

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